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No More Superwoman BS-Conservation of Mass Tells so

20 May

It seems we are making progress on women’s right since the 60s. Women got the right to work! Isn’t that exciting? But wait, let’s take a closer look-no, women are not just working outside their homes, most of them are still expected to take care of their household and kids AT THE SAME TIME!

And the mainstream media is not getting this right either. They are promoting this idea of “super woman”. Look, this successful woman CEO also raised 3 kids! she is “having it all”! Regular women like me, looking at their not that glamorous work, looking at their not so clean house, looking at their not so cared for children, and looking at their exhausted self, feel like a big loser- I am “losing it all”!

I bet as a mom, you thrived to be a superwoman yourself too, because it’s so inspiring and others have done it.

I am telling you, this is BS! and this is why:

You must’ve heard the great law of Conservation of mass. It states that (in a closed system), the quantity of mass is conserved over time. It’s the fundamental rule governing our universe. Mass can’t be created or destroyed- its simply constant; so is your energy! So if you are staying with me, imagine your energy like a PI chart- spending more energy in one part will result in less energy in another part. As simple as that. I know things like exercise may increase your energy a bit in a short term. But let’s face it…You know yourself, at this point, your energy pretty much constant. Stop dreaming about being a superwoman. The universe said you can’t. Just simply make choices which area you want to spend more energy.

Then you are wondering, how did those women get it done? they do seem like superwomen. Ok, this is why. The amount of things one can get done=energy*resource* time. Those women may have slightly more energy than you; but the reason why they made it is probably the extra resource they have, either family help or hired help; also time plays a big factor as well, don’t attempt to get everything done at the same time.

I hope we are clear, society. No more superwoman BS. The law of conservation of mass told us that’s not possible. We believe in science. Don’t we?

Interview for Manager Position

19 May

I had an interview last week for a manager position. It suddenly occurred to me that I should share how I prepared for the interview partially for myself and partially for others if they are in the same position.

Above was the chart I created to prepare for the interview. The first 2 blocks are the analysis and match between the “supply-Me” and “demand-manager”. It’s quite straight forward. First, list your education and experience and go through your roles and responsibilities. Show concrete examples which could demonstrate your strengths. To name a few, problem solving, taking initiative, leadership, and conflict resolution. Secondly, do your research, list the most desirable qualifications for the manager position (can be simply read the job description a couple of times). Then you have to make sure all three pieces are connected: for each qualification, you can provide an example that you demonstrated the strength.

Next, you are sure to be asked “what’s your vision” for this position. I proposed a three level approach: vision for the organization, vision for the group and vision for team members. You are well covered!

Then read your interview schedule, try to imagine the conversation with your panel and the interaction between this manager role and their functions. Highly likely they will care about one of your strength than another, but again, you prepared those in the first block.

At last ( Thanks youtube) just search “manager interview” in youtube and try to answer some of the questions that specifically designed for managers. For example: what is your principle of managing? what’s managing style? How do you make hiring decisions? How do you handle low team morale?

Hope this is helpful for you and good luck to me!

My Secret Cooking Rule and 6 min Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe

4 May

I know I know women and men are supposed to split 50:50 for the housework…blablabla…well, I am a mom who would love to cook for my kids while balancing everything else going on with my life. It was SUCH a struggle..(it still is). But after being a mom for 5 years, I finally come up with a rule that helps me somewhat more on the end of “balancing”. I call it 1:1:1. That’s how I handle my family’s meals: 1/3 of time I cook; 1/3 of the time I order take out; 1/3 of the time I served half pre-pared food from grocery stores. This has been proven to me to be the most sustainable- sorry you are not looking at an overachiever here.

In the 1/3 of time that I do cook, I take the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, I try to cook simply yet nutritionally balanced meal; while 20% of the time, I cook a “cuisine”-not really, but you get what I am saying. So I will publish a series of “weekday dinner” ideas here. Hey, there is nothing wrong cooking simply. Remember the success of apple?- Simplicity is the key. As a mom, I am sure you need plenty of time doing other important things. Lets tackle cooking-the simple way!

6 min Sweet and Sour Pork


(thin cut) pork loin; All purpose flour; Cooking oil; ketch up; Sugar; Vinegar

Step 1: take the pork out , (start boiling your cooking oil )
Step 2: Cut pork loin into squares
Step 3: dip your pork into a bowl of flour
Step 4: fry the floured pork till no pink is seen
Step 5: Transfer the pork to another pan, add (mainly) ketchup, sugar and vinegar to taste
Step 6: Stir and go! Here is your sweet and sour pork