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Shopping at Hmart

22 Apr

It seems a bit luxurious that one can still go grocery shopping and enjoy the extreme abundance of goods in COVID-19. I am Asian and I live in greater DC area, which offers so many options when it comes to Asian grocery stores. There are Hmart, LOTTO, Great wall, New york mart and 99 Ranch! I seriously have to take a moment to decide which one I want to go this time. Today I went to H mart.

I am a Capricorn. If you know Capricorns, you understand what I am about to say- if I don’t make an effort to try to explore new things, I will happily stuck to the same things over and over again. So I set up a goal for myself- every time I go grocery shopping, I will try something new. So here you go: I bought those Korean Fish Sausages for my kids to try for the first time; I am trying Jin Noodle instead of the go-to Shin Noodle; I bought some cute containers from Korean. Also in the picture I shared the frozen Udon noodle I always keep a stock at home, those are great for stir fried noodles.

Grocery shopping is one of the main skills as a mom and whomever in my opinion. We strive a fun and balanced life- Mastering grocery shopping is one important step. I am still learning and I want to teach my kids all those great skills I learned. Let’s face it, I am no Bill Gates or Sheryl Sandburg. But people like me can enjoy life as much as they do and I want my kids to be those people. That’s the least I can teach them. I will share all my learnings with my kids and YOU. See you next time!